Cheats, Tricks and Guides for War Robots

You are a big fan or War Robots and you love to play this game? However, you don’t really want to spend money for gold or silver? No problem, we have a War Robots hack for you, which is working for iOS and Android. You can easily run the “generator” anytime you want. Let me explain how it works!

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This is why everyone should get free gold and silver for War Robots

I love to play War Robots, but honestly, I don’t want to spend a single dollar on this game anymore. Why? Because I already have spent hundreds of dollars just for gold and other items. Yes, I am playing this game since two years already, but still I am really depressed when it comes to gold. In the end I think its a huge waste of money. Thats why I was looking for a way on how to cheat and hack War Robots. Finally I wanted to know if it is possible to get free gold on my iPhone and iPad. I made a quick research on Google and YouTube and came up with several different opinions, tools and rumours. Many people said it is absolutely not possible to hack this game. Others said all the “online generator” are fake or a scam. On the other hand I found many videos on YouTube, Tumblr and Twitch, which were actually proving such tool does exist. You can search by yourself. Simply enter the keyword “War Robots Hack 2019” in YouTube and it will show you many videos of guys, which are using their smartphone to generate free silver and gold. Most of them are visiting a different website, enter their username, choose how many free items they want to get and pick on what operating system they are playing on. A few more clicks and they receive all the items on their iOS or Android account. In the end of the video they show you how the amount of gold and silver increase rapidly. The guys using the hack tools are doing very well, because they will never need to spend money for this game again. Make sure you are also checking out our other articles for games like FIFA 19 Ultimate Team.

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Do you need a root or jailbreak?

No, you don’t need any modification in order to run the War Robots Hack apk. You can also run it directly from your computer, smartphone or tablet. You simply need a working internet connection, but this shouldn’t be a problem if you are playing this game anyway. Make sure you completely close the game on your phone. Means it shouldn’t run in the background. Finish all the process and wait around 5 minutes until you start this game again. The guys offering the cheats are always working on improving it. Check out their Subreddit! Take a look and decide by yourself if you want to get free War Robots gold and silver or not!

New Version: The FIFA 19 Coin Generator updated

Are you wondering how to cheat and hack FIFA 19 Ultimate Team? Last year we already wrote an article about the latest cheats for FUT, this year things became even easier. From now on it is possible to get unlimited free Coins and Points on every gaming console. It doesn’t matter anymore if you are playing on the Xbox One, PS4, PC or any other platform.

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Why are FUT coins so important?

Well, in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team the most important thing is to have a strong squad. Getting a strong squad can be very time consuming or difficult. It is really necessary to have lots of coins, because you can only buy player by using coins. Yes, you can also open goldpacks by using FIFA points, but you have basically no control over whats inside those packs. Now imagine it would be possible for you to get unlimited free FIFA 19 coins and points. Imagine you could get any player you want without spending real money. The FIFA 19 coin generator makes this come true. Some people call it FIFA 19 hack and others just call it FIFA 19 coins hack, but the tool is actually the same. In the end you get as much free Coins and Points as you want without spending any money. Therefore it is extremely important to know a tool like the FIFA 19 hack does exist. It can save you tons of money and also lots of time. Normally people are spending hundreds of dollar for FIFA points, just to get disappointed in the end. The chance of getting strong player is very low. 

fifa 19 coins hack

How does the FIFA 19 coins hack work?

First of all you need an existing Ultimate Team. It doesn’t matter if you play on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC or PlayStation 4, you just need a team. Next you gonna run the FIFA 19 coin generator on websites like on here and you enter your username. This might be your PSN ID, Origin ID or Xbox Live Gamertag. After that you choose the platform you are playing on. Make sure you are choosing the correct system when using the FIFA 19 hack. After that you are free to enter the amount of free FIFA 19 coins and points you would like to receive. Thats it! It works much easier than you might think. The best part is: There is absolutely no risk of getting your team suspended. It never happened before!

FIFA 19 Points and Coins Hack for Xbox One & PlayStation 4

For a long time there were rumors all over the internet telling you the FIFA 19 hack is a scam or not working. At the same time this people who are spreading these rumors never delivered any evidence of their theory. 

On Rockstarspy we made the ultimative test on how the FIFA 19 coin generator works and if you really get the wished amount of free FIFA 19 coins and points.

 free fifa 18 coins

First of all we made a small research on Google, Facebook, Twitch and of course on YouTube. Especially on YT you will find many videos regarding FUT. Beside videos of the Weekend League, eSports and also pack openings you will find a huge number of videos, which are claiming to cheat and hack FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. You can clearly see how the authors are creating free FIFA 19 coins and points and adding them to their account by the help of a very simple and user friendly FIFA 19 coins hack.

What the FIFA 19 coin generator online looks like

The user interface is really simple and can be understood by everyone. It is made in a box design in which you have to enter different basic information about your account. Don’t worry, nowhere you have to enter your password or e-mail address. The FIFA 19 coin generator simply asks for your username (such as PSN ID, Xbox Live GamerTag oder Origin ID), how many free FIFA 19 coins and points you would like to get and of course on what console / platform you are playing. It is important you enter all information correctly, otherwise you won’t be able to receive the items. Once you have entered all the required information you can press on the button below. A new box will open with the FIFA 19 hack starting the process. All you need to do is waiting. They might ask you for additional actions, but this depends on the current situation.

fifa 18 hack

Why you should definitely use the FIFA 19 hack

Since a few years gamer are spending almost all their money for FUT Points in order to get better player. EA is releasing special player almost on a daily base, which is a huge motivation for the gamer to spend even more money on the items. Its not only like that for Ultimate Team, but for almost every game in these days industry. Especially for iOS and Android games you can see how the people are spending lots of cash for gems, diamonds, cash, coins and other items. It shouldn’t be like this. In our opinion everyone should be able to get free FIFA 19 coins and points on GoFifaCoins. No matter how much money they got.

How long does it take to receive the free FIFA 19 coins?

Basically the whole process only takes a few minutes. The FIFA 19 coins hack by itself is very easy to use. After you successfully ran it you should wait up to 30 minutes for the coins and points to appear on your console and PC. It also depends on EAs server and how many people are currently using the FIFA 19 hack.